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Welcome to Traum Pistons - Traum Optimum Performance Racing Pistons

We are here to get you the pistons you need when you need them.  We will make pistons just the way you want them.      

About Us

Who we are

We are a new company but we are not new in the business, together we count with 50+ years of combined experience. The art of making pistons is not new to us, we may be on our own now but we have what counts: Knowledge, skill, and the desire to make pistons for you, to your specifications.  We pride ourselves on providing  great customer service, and innovative designs, our quality goes hand and hand with Service and Design. 

We are excited!!!

We are excited to be in the piston business, we are eager to create custom piston designs for every one.  We have designed and machined pistons for all types of engines and applications, from Tractor Pulling to Restoration, Experimental Airplanes to Motorcycles. Domestic, Sport Compact, Exotics, Compressor, Restoration to racing pistons, we make them all!   We have a dream and will work hard to fulfill that dream, we will work hard to earn your business.

Why Us?

We understand engine builders and what they want to see, we know the lingo, we don't lose anything in translation.  When you choose us, you will be speaking directly with the designer, not the middle man.  You will get answers and feed back right away


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Traum Optimum Performance


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